Greek Day in Form III

On Monday, Form III took part in a Greek workshop! The children were very excited to dress up and all looked fantastic in their costumes. They were so thrilled to meet Theo their Greek teacher for the day.

They had lots of fun learning about daily life in ancient Greece and the differences between Athens and Sparta. They then took part in a quiz and had to locate the answers from the information boards.

After break, the children took part in a traditional Greek board game. They had great fun competing against each other in this game of strategy and were experts at the end.

In the afternoon, we were greeted by our Theo in full armour. He showed us the different weapons the Greeks used and demonstrated how good the armour actually was, by using the weapons against his armour! We then participated in the Olympic games- Athens vs Sparta. It was close but Athens won in the end. We ended the day with a retelling of the Greek myth of Medusa.

All in all, it was a wonderful day and I don’t think the children stopped laughing. They did a brilliant job sharing their knowledge and learning more!

Great work Form III!

Mrs Moore

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