Ski Trip to Ponte di Legno

During Half Term 46 pupils from Benedict House Preparatory School, Crown House Preparatory School and Griffin House School (all Chatsworth Schools) travelled out to Ponte di Legno Ski Resort for an exciting school ski trip, accompanied by 6 teachers.

The children had a fabulous time with lots of fresh snow, ski school, ice skating, and evening activities such as a talent show and a quiz.

On returning to the UK, the schools were delighted to receive an email from British Airways commending the behaviour of the children.  They particularly mentioned the incredible kindness and generosity shown by the children in supporting British Airways’ Flying Start charity. The children were very interested in Flying Start and asked the cabin crew lots of questions about the charity and how it works.

Flying Start is a charity which aims to give children in countries British Airways fly to a brighter future. Flying Start is in partnership with Comic Relief and British Airways encourages all colleagues to support the global charity and raise money to make an improvement on children’s lives across the world.

Viktoria McManus from BA said: “The children’s behaviour was absolutely impeccable, they were so polite, courteous and very engaging! Upon taking the collection bag through, we were inundated with donations and word had obviously spread amongst all the children on board and they genuinely wanted to help less fortunate individuals and we were so touched by their empathy. On behalf of British Airways, Flying Start and my Senior Cabin Crew we wanted to thank you and your students who are a credit to your schools.”

British Airways told the schools that the amount of money taken on the flight to support the charity was the most they have seen and every child donated something, no matter how great or small.

Headteacher of Crown House Preparatory School, Ben Kenyon said: “It is very common on our annual ski trip for staff to receive compliments about the children’s behaviour. It was especially humbling to receive an email from a BA member of staff praising the children’s exemplary manners and extreme generosity.

As an educator it is always pleasing to hear positive things about the children in my school.”

The schools are delighted that the trip was such a huge success and look forward to next year with great excitement.

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