The Birds and the Bees

This week in Reception, we have been very lucky to watch some springtime videos from our children at home. We have watched Alfie and Archie’s dad with his new lambs, Irene collecting her hen’s eggs, Emily growing flowers and vegetables in France and Harrison’s daddy explaining his beekeeping. Following this, we have had a week of talking about spring time; new life, plants, animals and their welfare. We have created a flower shop in our classroom with its own window into a beautiful spring garden (see photos) and we have done lots of writing of spring words. Here are some of the children’s comments:

Irene: We get food from plants we grow and my hens lay eggs for me

Anna: the season is Spring

Cleo: the weather is getting hotter and hotter

William: the soil on the top keeps the birds off the seeds

Isobel: we are planning to put a scarecrow in our garden where we are growing at home

Anna: The plants need water to keep moist. In Sri Lanka it doesn’t rain very much

William: They can grow crops in Egypt

Beatrice: Plants need lots of water

Harrison: the baby lambs get born… you wait and then they come out of the tummy

Cleo: The mummy feeds them milk

Angus: they eat grass

Alfie: they need milk and a warm bed

Bertie: the sheep have a bed, it’s their woolly fur around them

Floriana: the farmers shave it off (in the summer)

Evy: bees live in a hive

Hope: The queen bee was in charge, she makes eggs

Thomas: In Winter they have a smaller entrance (to the hive) to keep the air out

Harrison: We are growing chillies at home, we water them and they grow

Mrs Walford & Mrs Lacey

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