Celebrating Eid

The children in Pre School found out about the Muslim festival, Eid, this week. We learnt that Ramadan is coming to an end and that Muslims across the world have been fasting during the daytime for the last thirty days – we thought that this must be very hard to do. We talked about how strong and determined you would have to be if you were doing this and wondered what we might feel like when Ramadan finished…what would you like to do?  We thought that having some delicious food and a party with family and friends would be the perfect choice…Eid!

We watched a video of a little girl getting ready for Eid, putting up decorations, preparing food and painting Mendhi patterns on her hand. Then we found out that Eid celebrations include having new clothes, going to pray at the Mosque and then celebrating. We learnt how Muslims kneel to pray and we had a try at this ourselves. Afterwards, everyone celebrates with delicious food and dancing. We learnt that all the children have brand new clothes at Eid and that they are colourful, made of beautiful fabric and often quite sparkly. They wear these to the Mosque and the party. One of our children was reflecting on this learning and told us that she thinks that she needs to get some new praying clothes!

Mrs Moody

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