Voice in a Million

Last week was a wonderful musical week at Griffin House. The Music Concert on Monday was a marvellous illustration of the ability, confidence and enthusiasm for music at school and on Thursday, the choir (and some very excited staff & parents ) had the most incredible afternoon at the Voice in a Million concert.

To be part of a 5,000 strong, massed choir in the Wembley SSE arena in front of an audience of thousands of people is an experience that will live long in the memory of all. The children were fantastic company. Thank you to all of the staff and children that helped create a truly special experience.

Mr Walford


On Thursday last week, we went to VIAM at Wembley. It was a great opportunity to sing with another 5,000 children. It was great fun! Mr Walford, Mrs White, Miss Locking, Mrs Rimmer and Mrs Fountain had a great time dancing! So did I. We left before lunch to get there on time. The concert started at 7.15pm and ended at around 10.00pm. Lottie and I got back late and we were tired but it was worth it because it was amazing!

By Phoebe (Form V)


We have been rehearsing for months and preparing to go to the VIAM (Voice in a Million) concert. The concert raises money for adopted and fostered children. It was the most amazing musical experience of my life. We had great fun singing and dancing, even the teachers joined in. I really didn’t know Mr Walford could dance that well! I was really sad when it ended. I know that I will definitely be going next year.

By Sarah (Form V)


On the 21st March 2019, Griffin House Choir went to Wembley Arena for VIAM. When we arrived, we had lunch outside the arena. When we finished we queued up to go through security and then had rehearsals for about three hours.

Finally, our parents started to enter the arena for the performance. Once they were all in, the show started. Poppy, Jessie and Andrew held the Griffin House banner and when they walked through, we all cheered. The songs were amazing and there were two guest boy bands, Road Trip and New Hope Club. We all loved it and had a very late night and were all very tired.

By Samuel (Form VI)

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