Science Museum Visit

Last Friday, Form IV had a fantastic time visiting the Science Museum in London! We explored the ground floor first and enjoyed finding out how inventions and developments in technology have changed our world.

It was then time for us to watch a science show called ‘Live Wire’, which was focused on one of our science topics – Electricity. The children were amazed that electricity could pass from a battery, through children holding hands, to a light bulb; together they formed a complete circuit. We learnt we are conductors of electricity, due to the water in our bodies, and some insulators can become conductors when wet. For example, a wet tea towel! 

We then went to the Wonderlab Interactive Gallery, where the children were allowed to try out the different experiments and investigations in small groups. We had lots of fun asking scientific questions and wondering how different experiments worked. As we were so well-behaved, we were allowed to go on the friction slides as a treat, all before a well-earned lunch.

All in all the children enjoyed their day at the Science Museum and I was very impressed with their behaviour, curiosity and thinking skills! Well done Form IV!

Miss Withers

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