Science at Home

Whilst Form II have been thinking about plastic, Reception children have been gardening.

The children in Form II have studied the journey of single-use plastic waste, from inland to the ocean, detailing the threat to marine life.  They have shared many ideas, from some impressively well-researched and colourful illustrations to some creative, plastic sculptures of their favourite ocean creatures.  Well done Form II, a very important message in all of your hard work!

Meanwhile, Reception children have been building webs, germinating seeds, painting flowers and plants (and dinosaurs), growing vegetables and flowers and thinking of interesting ways to learn our number bonds to 10!

There has been no end of creativity
and ingenuity from our families from using cutlery to make sums to eking out the last of the paint supplies (harder to get than flour apparently!), from egg box ten frames to food-based phonics…. They never to cease to impress!

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