World Maths Day

On Wednesday 5th May, Form VI took part in the World Maths Day Mathletics event. As the name suggests, this is a worldwide competition where the children compete with other children playing in countries across the globe. The questions varied in difficulty but there was a lot of excitement watching our rank in the World and UK improve. On entering the ICT Suite Year 6 were in 364th position in the UK and by the time we had left we were in 30th place. Look out for certificates for the boy and girl who earned the most points in our class.

As it was World Maths Day, we also took part in some hands-on learning outside. The children were tasked with finding the age of the trees in the Griffin House grounds by using measuring skills and also written and mental calculations. We found out that several of our trees are over 100 years old – the oldest two being approximately 140 and 165 years of age. To find this out we measured 1 metre from the ground and then started to measure the girth of the tree at this height. To find the age we divided the girth’s measurement by 2.5.

Mr Nethercott

Form V had fun with the Mathletics competition on World Maths Day and we were pleased to be ranked 19th in the country and 150th in the world within our age group! We had some very competitive games across the year group and many children were vying to be top of the Form V table. Fabulous maths Form V.

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