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The children in Pre-School had a really special morning on Thursday when two of our local police community support officers visited us in the garden to talk to us about their jobs and how they help to keep us safe. First we learnt all about their uniforms, including the radio, the hi-viz jacket and the video recorder that they wear all the time. Then they talked about stranger danger and how and who to ask for help if we are worried. PCSO Russ and PCSO Alicia told us that they work with different vehicles, including cars, motorbikes and helicopters. They also work with different animals. The children knew about police dogs, were interested to learn about police horses and were a little disappointed to learn that, at the moment, there are no lions in the police force! The children were also fascinated to hear that when horses escape from local fields, the police often have to try to catch them so that they don’t cause an accident…what a tricky job.

After learning so much in the shelter, we were lucky enough to have a look at the police car – you would not believe what they keep in their boot! There were lights, signs, special tape, ropes, cones and even some portable blue flashing lights. Then we looked inside the car and learnt all about the 3 different sirens and the flashing lights. We spotted a 999 button on the dashboard – can you guess what happens if you press it? The children in Pre-School know, thanks to our local PCSO’s!

Mrs Moody

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